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Angular 8 Introduction

Angular is an open-source, client-side TypeScript based JavaScript framework. It is written in TypeScript and complied into JavaScript.

Angular 8 Installation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Angular on your computer. To install Angular, Node.js must be installed in your system.

Angular 8 Architecture

Angular Architecture: Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript.

Angular 8 Directives

The Angular directives are used to manipulate the DOM. Using Angular directives, you can change the appearance, behavior or layout of DOM elements.

Angular 8 Pipes

Angular provides a filters known as Pipes which makes it very easy to format or transform the data value according to our needs.

Angular 8 Angular Material

How to set up your Angular project to begin using Angular Material. Its provide ready made Angular component based on Material design.

Angular 8 Animations

Angular animation system is built on CSS functionality, which means you can animate any property that the browser considers animatable.

Angular 8 Form

Forms are used to handle user input data. Angular provides two types of form to handling user input: reactive and template-driven.

Angular 8 Form Validation

Form validation is an important part of web application. It is used to validate whether the user input is in correct format or not.

Angular 8 Accessibility

Angular Accessibility: This page discusses best practices for designing Angular applications that work well for all users.

Angular 8 Testing

Angular Testing: Testing is a very important phase in the development life cycle of an application. It ensures an application quality.

Angular 8 Ivy Compiler

Angular 8 moves all applications to use the Ivy compiler. the Ivy compiler and runtime offers numerous advantages.