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Php Installation Guides step by step.



To run PHP web pages we will need three software componemt to be installed on your computer system. If you have own web hos there is no need to install these components. You can run PHP page directly on the server. If you want PHP page on own computer you will need Web Server, PHP, and MySql.
• Apache Server - PHP can run with all web server but you can use freely and most often used Apache Server. You can download Apache Server free from here:Download

• MySql - PHP will work with virtually all database software, including Oracle and Sybase but most commonly used is freely available MySQL database. Download MySQL for free here: Download

• PHP Parser - PHP is a free open source scripting language designed for producing dynamic, databasedriven web pages.

php-introduction-tipsThere is no need to download all the softwares. You can run run PHP page on XAMP Server. It comes with all preloaded components(Apache, MySql, Php). You can download it free from here: Download

How to install WAMP server?

• Download WAMP Server from here: Download
• After Download open setup file of Wamp Server

Step 1:

Click on Next Button.


Step 2:

Select the I accept the agreement option, then click the Next button.


Step 3:

Keep the default installation folder of c:\wamp and then click the Next button.


Step 4:

Accept the default additional icons and then click the Next button.


Step 5:

Click on Install Button finish all the process.


Step 6:

After finish the installation go to the Desktop and double click on Wamp Server icon to launch Wamp Server.

How to run PHP Program on Wamp Server?

Step 7:

To run Php Program on Wamp Server from Desktop. Double Click on Wamp Server Icon.


Step 8:

Click on Arrow located on the bottom right corner of the Task Bar.


Step 8:

Click on Wamp Server Green Icon on Tray Status Area.


Step 9:

Click on www Directory to open www Folder and copy your PHP file or Project in www Directory.


Step 10:

Click on Localhost and select your PHP file or Project and run it in your brouser or open your Brouser and type this https://localhost/your file address.php in brouser address bar.


The End:

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